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Seller Guide: How to Negotiate the Best House Sale Price

December 29 2021

Are you planning to sell your house? And has the thought of negotiation been giving you sleepless nights and unnecessary stress? Bargaining for the best deal, that is value for your house can be a little tough. The buyer always tries to get the best deal and tries to have an upper hand, and somewhere they succeed as well. But you can have an upper hand with our seller guide. You can consider this as a competitive game wherein you just don't have to rely on your physical tactics but also on your mental strategic tactics as well.

If you are planning to sell a house, you must understand that most of the mistakes and blunders happen during the negotiation phase itself. Never think of making a profit in a short time. This usually comes with a setback. An unprepared negotiation is always accompanied by losses. If you are dealing with house and property sales, you need to understand the market dynamics and the negotiation tactics and the most important tactic is to never be too adamant when negotiating or else you would miss several good offers.

The aim of your negotiation as a seller should be selling your house at a good price rather than closing the deal and getting done with the sale at the earliest. You as a seller should know that houses rarely go off at the initial price asked by the owner or the seller. Therefore, negotiation is considered an intrinsic factor in the sale/ real estate market.

Irrespective of the size of the property you are dealing with for sale, stress, and uncertainty are bound to happen. But this doesn't mean you step back. It's time for you to take a sigh of relief. We have gathered some of the basic negotiation tactics that you can use as a seller. This will prove as an excellent guide and help you grab the best deal. No doubt you cannot become a negotiation expert but surely you can learn a lot from this.

Tips for negotiation: - How to Negotiate the Best House Sale Price

Before you put your house up for sale, you should be well aware of the asking or the listing price that is found around in the market and your area. This is an important aspect when putting your house for sale. You need to set a listing price for your house accordingly. This price should fit the broadest range of buyers and at the same time be profitable for you as well.

This asking price is decided by several factors: the location of your house, the age, and size of the property, the present condition of the house as well as the market value, the facilities in the neighbourhood of the house. Just remember never to set the setting price of your house too low. Doing so will make the negotiation tougher than expected.

Here are a few of the basic negotiation tips that you can use when selling a house.

Keep yourself well informed - Keeping yourself well informed of the real estate market dynamics, including the current capital value of your house, past price trends, and prevalent market trends can help you plan accordingly for your negotiations. It is advisable not to offer any leverage to the buyers which can be used against you. Never disclose the reason for selling your house, nor any financial issues that you or your family are going through. All of it can be used against you and will pave the way for the buyers to negotiate for their benefit. It is also advisable not to disclose the deadline by which you intend to close the sale. Avoid showing desperation in front of your buyers, this will show your urgent need to finish off the sale and close the deal.

Avoid rejecting every offer - Our experts suggest that it is advisable not to reject the offers proposed by the buyers without even giving them a second thought. If you are not sure about the offer proposed by them, or you don't understand it, take time to think over it. Do not reject it right there. Sometimes this nature of yours will make the buyers think of you as an arrogant person and will eventually make them lose interest in your property. This will prove to be disastrous for you not just for that buyer but in the market as well. Because they are the same ones who are responsible for the mouth-to-mouth promotion of your house that you have put up for sale. Try being polite and giving thought to the offers proposed, this will pave the way for more interested buyers and help you get the highest possible price.

Be polite - Being polite is the key to negotiation. Respect everyone linked to the sale of your house be it the buyers, their estate agents, or your professional sale advisors. This will help you win the trust and confidence of the buyers. It is advisable to keep yourself low, and never make yourself appear rude or brash. This will make your negotiation look ugly. Even if your deal gets cancelled, never lose your calm. Because if buyers get offended, it can be disastrous for you.

Emphasize the value being offered - In case your asking price is too high you can try diverting the attention of your buyers from the price to the values of your property. It means you should try distracting them with the amenities and the facilities that you are offering along with the house. Create such an aura that when your buyers visit your house before closing the deal, they find themselves emotionally connected and then you can emphasize the value rather than the price.

Why waste time, arm yourself with these tips and tactics to make your negotiation go smoothly. In case you still don't feel confident enough you can hire a professional expert or an advisor. Team Ash Tewary can help you break the deal on your behalf.


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